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cherry blossom of hope
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Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011.
With those affected on our minds, beaded flower salon “Candy Garden” haslaunched the “Cherry Blossom Project” in the fall of 2011 to energize Japan andto do what we can to assist in the recovery from the damages caused by theTohoku earthquake and tsunami. In 2012, one year from the earthquake, wecreated the “Beaded Flower Cherry Blossom” with bead flowers to “move andgive courage” to many people and assist in the recovery from damages.
Over one hundred Candy Garden students believing in the project created each flower petal carefully, one by one. With this, the cherry blossom tree with over three million beads was completed, leaving a mark in the history of bead flowers, and was called “the cherry blossom tree of hope that prays forrecovery” as it fully bloomed.

Seven students from the Candy Garden in Fukushima also participated in this project. They too were affected by the earthquake, but even during difficult circumstances, put their hope in the bead flower and prayed for recovery with each piece.
The “Cherry Blossom Project” started because we wanted as many people to see and gain happiness from this cherry blossom tree that was created from team work. We hope that everyone in Japan can see the never-wilting “Beaded Flower Cherry Blossom” and see it as an opportunity to support and pray for the recovery of the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami.