22th December 2019

New video report

High artisan exhibition "YouNique Artigianalità D'eccellenza"
16th-17th November 2019, Lugano Switzerland

Flower Forever

22th March 2018
The works of minako shimonagase "cherry blossom of hope" on the book "Flower Forever" by Ragnar Levi

Ragnar Levi is a Swedish author, award‐winning science journalist and a long‐time collector of beaded flowers from Italy, France and elsewehere. His book ”Flower Forever – Bead Craft from France and Venice” is the first of its kind. With a background in medicine and a sensitive eye for the fragility and transient nature of the human body, Dr. Levi took an early interest in this delicate and elaborate handicraft where flowers are immortalized as memorial objects. Teaming up with the flower photographer Edvard Koinberg, the author created a unique and heart-warming book about a lost cultural heritage from the Europe of days long past.